Posted by Paul Chote on

Playtest 20170923 now available for testing

With two months and two playtests behind us, we are now almost ready to push the next OpenRA release!

We are today releasing one last (planned) playtest with two notable changes:

  • An “Assault Move” modifier has been added to Attack Move to make units always target buildings (overriding their active stance) while attack moving.
  • Music playback has been reworked to fix the pausing and skipping issues that have been reported by some players on the previous playtests.

…plus a handful of other minor fixes that are listed in the full changelog.

The Mod SDK has also been updated to use the new engine version, and to create “portable” windows packages that do not require installation.

Assault move
Hold Ctrl when issuing an Attack Move order to activate Assault Move.

This playtest will be your last chance to report any bugs or balance issues, so we encourage everybody to play a few games, and let us know of any issues via our forum, our GitHub issue tracker, or in the comments below. As usual, you can find playtest-20170923 on our download page.