OpenRA is a game created by the community, for the community. You can contribute in a variety of ways, from giving help to the development team, to finding and reporting bugs, to just playing the game!

Join the Discussion
If you've got questions or you just feel like chatting, come on down to our community Discord or #openra on Libera Chat.

Join our Community Forum for longer form discussions about events, maps, balance, or anything else! Your OpenRA forum account can be linked with your in-game player profile to display badges and join private servers.

Help Build OpenRA
OpenRA is built by a team of volunteers and we're always looking for help. If you run into trouble, check out the FAQ — if you find a bug, make sure to report it with the OpenRA bug tracker. If you're looking to contribute code, feel free to take a look at the Development Topics article in our wiki, or reach out to the team on Discord, IRC, or the forums.
Create or Download Maps for OpenRA
No real time strategy game would be complete without its maps. OpenRA has its own resource website where you can find over 9,000 maps to add all sorts of variety to the game. You can even create and upload your own maps for other people to play!
Connect With Us on Social Media
We're active on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow us there to get the latest news on features and releases!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for all sorts of video content, including previews of upcoming features.

Join us in the Gaming Community
OpenRA is involved in gaming communities as well! Support the mod by following and rating OpenRA on and ModDb.