Red Alert,  Command & Conquer,  Dune 2000,  Rebuilt for the Modern Era.

Built for Modern Expectations

  • Updated gameplay designed around modern features like attack-move, unit veterancy, and the fog of war
  • Online play with full support for mods and custom maps
  • Updated campaigns with new objectives and difficulties
  • Natively supported on Windows, macOS and Linux

Made Better By The Community

  • Fully open source and developed in the open with community input into updates and balance
  • User created and curated maps
  • Includes a Mod SDK to create new RTS games
  • Regular community streams and tournaments

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Posted by PunkPun on

Release 20231010 and the Community

With two months of successful playtesting behind us, we are pleased to finally announce Release 20231010, which brings the public release up to date with development changes from November 2022 through to August 2023. The new release contains some long-awaited UI and UX improvements and many polish changes overall. It also serves as a jump-off point for many of the larger upcoming features, so do expect great things in the future!

The ability to select darker player colors has been restored.

For more information see the other newsposts [one, two, three] and, as always, for a full overview - the full changelog.

While OpenRA’s releases have slowed down due to lack of manpower, our third party scene is going strong! An OpenRA mod & standalone game Combined Arms was the second most popular on ModDB in June this year. It includes units from various C&C games and has 5 factions, each having 5 subfactions. Its newest installment contains 25 singleplayer missions. DORF Real-Time Strategic Conflict, a game based on OpenRA’s engine has become one of the most anticipated RTS games. We highly encourage everyone to checkout its gameplay trailer as well as other videos.

Other popular mods include:

  • Shattered Paradise - an expansion for OpenRA’s work-in-progress Tiberian Sun mod which in addition to GDI and Nod has Mutant, C.A.B.A.L. and Scrin factions. It is a gorgeous and over the top game with a heavy Command and Conquer 3 influence that attempts to add more variety while preserving the vanilla TS feel.
  • OpenHV - a continuation of the Hard Vacuum project. Originally inspired by Dune 2, with its ambitious goals never having left the development stage, the project’s assets were released under a free license. Now the mantle has been taken up by open source developers.
  • Romanov’s Vengeance is based on OpenRA’s work-in-progress Red Alert 2 mod. Its units and balance is heavily inspired by Command & Conquer: Generals.

This is just scraching the surface. There are many more OpenRA games out there and plenty more in development, including a very promising project OpenE2140 - a remake of the old Earth 2140. It is still in early development but the team behind it has been doing magic.

All the aforementioned games are standalone, though non-original mods may require you to own the copyrighted assets. These games sometimes contribute back to the OpenRA project, and we greatly appreciate all the help we can get.

Our competitive community is going strong as well. Red Alert Global League Season 15 has just started, and for Halloween you can expect Dark Tournament VII, for which registrations are currently open. RAGL’s 14th season was wrapped up about 4 months ago, and for its coverage you can checkout the Weekly Highlight forum posts, casted by Kaution. There are also plenty of other creators covering the tournament: FiveAces Shoutcasts, Blackened’s video reviews or Milkman’s streams.

Dark Tournament VII

And as last time, we would like to mention that this release contains significant progress towards C&C Remastered Collection support, including compatibility with the new EA app. The “Tiberian Dawn HD” project is a separate release and can be downloaded here. This preview is multiplayer-compatible with the main 20231010 release. However, please keep in mind that performance, memory usage and loading times have not been fully optimized yet. The C&C Remastered Collection must be installed through Steam or the EA App, and in case you are using macOS or Linux the project README provides you detailed installation instructions.

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us on our forum, community Discord server, or GitHub. We hope you’ll enjoy this newest installment of OpenRA! Good luck on the battlefield commanders!