Posted by Oliver Brakmann on

Server Issues

Many of you will already have noticed that we are having some server issues at the moment. The problem is being worked on and we hope to restore all services within the next few days.

We would like to inform you of the impacted services and their current status.

This was probably among the two most visible effects of the outage. It is currently being restored from a backup and will hopefully be available again in the next few days.

  • “Hetzner” dedicated servers

We were able to replace these relatively quickly with servers hosted on other hardware. Since May 5th, both the replacements and the original servers are up and running again, which is why some server names appear twice in the server browser, by the way.

  • Player statistics on the website

We had to remove these eventually to avoid visitors getting greeted with an error dialog. As of right now, they are back, however.

  • The IRC channel bot

Our orabot was sorely missed, but is finally among the living again! He says "]hi"!

  • Game content mirror

The server also hosted a mirror of our content packages. It was removed from the mirror list while it was down, and others servers from our mirror network took up its job. The mirror is back up and running again now.

In summary, only the Resource Center is still offline, but will come back eventually.

We would like to extend thanks to everyone who helped us while the server was down and who are helping us with restoring its function!