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Release 20200202

While we work on the next full playtest (more on this below), there are a few serious issues that we wanted to address without further delay. Release 20200202 is now available, including:

  • Fixes for significant performance and behaviour regressions with aircraft
  • Fixes for rare crashes during gameplay and when loading saved games
  • Fixes for several issues with mission scripts and the skirmish AI
  • Fixes for missing team chat in game replays
  • Fixes for build failures caused by an upstream API change
  • Improvements to the build icon layout in RA and D2k sidebars
  • Improvements to the in-game menu option layout

As always, the full Changelog includes more detail, and we welcome feedback in the comments below, on our forum, Discord, or GitHub pages.

Progress is converging on our Next Release milestone, and we hope to start playtesting in the near future. Some of the changes to look forward to include improvements to production rally points and unit pathfinding, new features for the map editor, and major improvements to the in-game UI.

Members of our Discord and IRC channels already know that the headline features for the next release are the long-awaited abilities to smoothly zoom the battlefield using the mouse wheel and to adjust the size of the in-game UI. These features are built on top of a much larger rework of the game rendering, which includes dropping support for the legacy OpenGL 2 graphics API. If you can’t wait to try these, or would like to help with testing (especially if you use Linux with an AMD graphics card), we encourage you to take a look at this forum thread.

Thank you very much, and have fun!

The original announcement for release-20191117 is included below:

Just in time for the holiday season, OpenRA release-20191117 is now available with all of the features and fixes that have been tested and refined in the playtest builds over the past few months.

Big new features like save-game support, new UI for Tiberian Dawn and spectators, and completely overhauled unit behaviours make this one of our most exciting releases to date!

For more details, we hand over to FiveAces who has put together a comprehensive video introduction:

If you don’t like videos, the main changes have been outlined in previous news posts [one, two, three], and, as always, in the full changelog. A new Mod SDK release is also available for the modding community to take advantage of the new release.

Grab the installer now for your operating system from our download page! It has been a long road to this release, and we hope you enjoy it!