Posted by Curtis Shmyr on

Release 20121019

We’ve finished release 20121019 - with four months worth of patches making their way out, there’s a ton of new stuff.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Added Dune 2000 mod (fronted by Matt)
  • Dedicated server support
  • UPnP support for multi-player
  • Option to pause the game (hit F3)
  • Two re-imagined RA missions are included, Allies01 and Allies02 (by Scott)
  • Improved logic for Harvesters and Ore Trucks
  • New map editor tiles to use for RA’s temperate theme (by Harisson)
  • Selection tool in editor for copy-pasting terrain
  • Four new RA units: Demo Truck, Sniper, Volkov and Chronotank
  • Seven new community made RA maps
  • Snow tileset for CnC (by Nyerguds)
  • Plenty of RA balance changes

The full user-friendly changelog can be found on the forum, or by viewing the commit on github.