Posted by Paul Chote on

Playtest 20180208 available for testing

We are today releasing a new OpenRA playtest with fixes for a number of issues that were discovered in playtest-20180102. Thank you to everybody who reported bugs or provided other feedback!

Notable changes in playtest-20180208 include:

  • Fixes for several crashes and gameplay bugs
  • Balance changes to the APC and Obelisk in Tiberian Dawn
  • Balance changes to the Artillery and V2 Rocket Launcher in Red Alert
  • Fixed a long-standing problem with incorrect armor types in Dune 2000
  • Several new multiplayer maps for Red Alert

See the full changelog for more details, and head on over to our download page to try it out!

All known regressions from the last release have been fixed, and so we plan to repackage this playtest as the next OpenRA release if no further issues are reported. If you know of any other problems, please report them immediately via our forum, our GitHub issue tracker, or in the comments below.