Posted by Oliver Brakmann on

December Release Candidate 3

We are slowly making progress towards fixing all the crashes and issues our testers (you!) have found, and the final release is imminent. Thanks to everyone who took the time to play the previous playtests and report bugs!

We have fixed all but one of the remaining issues, so it’s time for another playtest. In particular, it contains the following fixes:

  • A GPS-related crash has been fixed (reported by Zypres and abdcdefg30, thanks to both!).
  • A crash that occured when producing an actor without any IOccupySpace traits in conjunction with UpgradeActorsNear has been fixed (reported by GraionDilach, thanks!).
  • Hardware cursors will not be permanently disabled when their creation fails (reported by pi99y, thanks!).
  • Using both mouse buttons at once when attack-moving will produce the expected results again (first reported by Aaron Lloyd, thanks!).
  • In addition, rubberband selection will be possible again in Attack-Move mode (reported by ozzyyzzo, thanks!).
  • A crash that could occur in the Dune 2000 mod when placing concrete outside of the map bounds was fixed (reported by kiores, thanks!).
  • A minor issue with AI unit behaviour in Red Alert’s Survival02 mission has been addressed (reported by r34ch, thanks!).

The one remaining issue is a performance regression, the cause of which is as of now still eluding us. While it’s hardly noticeable unless you make a direct comparison, it would still be nice to fix that for the upcoming release, however we will probably not delay it indefinitely. So the next release may or may not include that performance regression.

In the meantime, though, please give this (hopefully last!) playtest a good workout. You can download it, as always, from our download page. The feature list is quite impressive and makes playing it very worth your time. Take a look at the changelog page to see all the details. Also be sure to report any and all problems you find at our bug tracker or in our IRC channel. Thank you very much!