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Archived News » Playtest 20140709

Posted by Paul Chote at 2014-07-09 22:00 +1200

Update: We have released a fourth and final release candidate (20140719) which fixes a few remaining issues. Thanks to everyone who reported problems and submitted fixes!

We have just released our first fourth July release candidate, playtest-20140709 playtest-20140719.

This short development cycle has been extremely productive, and includes some long-awaited features:

Other big changes include:

As usual, the full list of changes compared with the June release is available on our wiki.


Beacons have been added for the air-support powers in RA.

OpenRA Resources

Tech levels can be configured in the TD lobby options.

Tiberian Sun

The OpenRA engine now supports isometric perspectives. Development is progressing well on our Tiberian Sun mod, but it will not be ready for several more months.