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Archived News » Playtest 20131209

Posted by Matthias Mailänder at 2013-12-09 00:00 +0100

This is a release candidate playtest. We have worked hard on the development branch, and believe that it is now stable enough for a new release. Thanks to everyone who helped testing and reported bugs! Along with fixes and performance improvements, we have introduced a few small new features into this build:

As usual, the changelog contains all the details, including a list of changes that affect maps and mods. If you run into any issues or have any feedback then you can create a ticket on our Github issue tracker or find us on IRC.

Dune II

We now support most of the Dune II file formats. This is a screenshot from an unofficial fan project showing off our new asset browser and SHP(D2) sprites.

Dune 2000 Soft Spice

The soft edges in Dune 2000 spice tiles are now rendered properly.

OpenRA Utility

Our command-line based modding tools may look scary, but they are very powerful and supported on Windows, OSX, and Linux. All we need is proper manuals and tutorials to get people started. The new OpenRA Documentation Project aims to solve this.