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New OpenRA Logo

Today we’re pleased to show off the results of a long-overdue project: a new logo for OpenRA!

This logo will be used to represent the OpenRA project as a whole, with the Soviet star logo being kept for the Red Alert mod. If community feedback is positive then we plan to roll this out with the next OpenRA release.

Using the same logo for OpenRA (the project) and the Red Alert mod causes a lot of confusion, both for new players who may not know that OpenRA contains multiple separate games and for community-run events that need separate logos to distinguish between OpenRA as a whole and the three main mods. These problems will only get worse in the future when the Tiberian Sun mod is eventually released. Another issue is that the Soviet star symbol has strong symbolism associated with it, making difficult for us to use it in contexts where people may not be familiar with OpenRA or Red Alert in general.

But why this design?

We started the design process with three key requirements:

  • Reflect OpenRA’s identity as a modern RTS game that leverages classic gameplay and artwork.
  • Not tied to a specific game or universe (so no mammoth tanks, tiberium, or faction logos).
  • Can be recreated in a SVG vector format for the website and other media.

After a brainstorming session in our IRC channel there was one stand-out winner, which was prototyped and refined to produce the design we are showing today.

How does it look?

We have developed mockups of how the logo will look in different contexts:

New logo in the mod chooser
A preview of the ingame mod chooser with the new project logo.

New logo in OS launchers
OpenRA icons in your operating system of choice.

New logo on Facebook
The new project logo on Facebook.

Love it? Hate it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!