Posted by Paul Chote on

Release 20191117

Just in time for the holiday season, OpenRA release-20191117 is now available with all of the features and fixes that have been tested and refined in the playtest builds over the past few months.

Big new features like save-game support, new UI for Tiberian Dawn and spectators, and completely overhauled unit behaviours make this one of our most exciting releases to date!

For more details, we hand over to FiveAces who has put together a comprehensive video introduction:

If you don’t like videos, the main changes have been outlined in previous news posts [one, two, three], and, as always, in the full changelog. A new Mod SDK release is also available for the modding community to take advantage of the new release.

Grab the installer now for your operating system from our download page! It has been a long road to this release, and we hope you enjoy it!