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Archived News » Release 20130514

Posted by Paul Chote at 2013-05-14 10:38:00 +0000

Today we’re announcing our long-overdue “Mammoth May Madness” release. In the last 7 months, 26 authors have contributed more than 1,100 individual changes and improvements.

Some of the highlights in this release include:

D2k Game Lobby

A composite screenshot showing the new lobby tooltips and player color selector in the Dune 2000 mod.

RA shellmap

The Red Alert mod includes a new main menu and desert-themed shellmap.

Construction Yard radius

C&C and D2K now requires buildings to be constructed near a construction yard, reducing the effectiveness of multiple-building-queue base-walking strategies.

Bridge repairing

Bridges can now be repaired by sending an engineer into the rubble.

Click through to see the human-optimized changelog, or the complete commit list.