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Archived News » Playtest 20131112

Posted by Matthias Mailänder at 2013-11-10 09:30:00 +0000

Note: The 1110 playtest contained issues under Windows and Debian/Ubuntu.
These have been resolved in the 1112 build.

We have just released a new playtest build containing the latest snapshot of our development progress. Playtest-20131112 can be downloaded from the download page or using your git client. If you run into any issues or have any feedback then you can create a ticket on our Github issue tracker or find us on IRC.

Some of the key changes from our stable september release include:

As usual, the changelog contains all the details, including a list of changes that affect maps and mods.


The new settings menu provides improved access to the important settings, and is unified across all the mods.

MAD tank

The M.A.D Tank detonates a powerful seismic blast that heavily damages vehicles and structures.

A10 airstrike

The new Airstrike power calls a group of A10 to strike an area with gatling guns and napalm bombs.

Haos Ridges C&C

Haos Ridges is now available in C&C (thanks sunny!).

Our friends at Project Perfect Mod have created a new OpenRA Editing Forums section where modders can compare notes with each other. We will be keeping an eye on these as well as our official forum (which is currently offline due to a hardware failure).