OpenRA - News Feed 2018-10-11T17:00:00Z OpenRA developers,2018-10-11:/news/special-announcement/ A Special Announcement from EA 2018-10-11T17:00:00Z 2018-10-11T17:00:00Z <p><i>Update 2018-11-14:</i></p> <p>EA have announced that they are partnering with Petroglyph Games to develop remastered versions of Command &amp; Conquer: Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and their expansion packs!</p> <p>See <a href="">this reddit discussion</a> and <a href="">this YouTube video</a> for more details.</p> <p>The original announcement is available below:</p> <div style="border-radius: 4px; background-color: #272d2c; padding: 5px"> <div style="margin: -10px 5px"> <p>Fellow Command &amp; Conquer fans,</p> <p>My name is Jim Vessella, and I’m a Producer at Electronic Arts. Ten years ago I had the pleasure of being on the production team for Command &amp; Conquer 3 and Red Alert 3, along with being the Lead Producer on Kane’s Wrath. During those years, some of my favorite moments were interacting with our passionate community, whether at our onsite Community Summits, on the forums, or while attending various events such as Gamescom.</p> <p>As most of you may know, we recently announced Command &amp; Conquer: Rivals, a mobile game set in the Command &amp; Conquer universe. Following the reveal of Rivals, we heard you loud and clear: the Command &amp; Conquer community also wants to see the franchise return to PC. And as a fan of C&amp;C for over 20 years, I couldn’t agree more. With that in mind we’ve been exploring some exciting ideas regarding remastering the classic PC games, and already have the ball rolling on our first effort to celebrate the upcoming 25th Year Anniversary.</p> <p>We are eager to hear your feedback to help influence our current thoughts for PC and what comes next. Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking to fans in a variety of ways. In the meantime, please share your thoughts here on <a href=";t=20777">the OpenRA forums</a>.</p> <p>As a long time C&amp;C fan and developer, I am just as passionate about the C&amp;C franchise as you are, and look forward to hearing your thoughts as they help us shape the future of C&amp;C at EA!</p> <p>Thanks!<br /> Jim Vessella<br /> <em>Jimtern</em> </p> </div> </div>,2018-10-03:/news/ragls6-registrations/ Red Alert Global League Season 6 Registrations 2018-10-03T18:00:00Z 2018-10-03T18:00:00Z <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20181003-ragl-vi.png" alt="Red Alert Global League Season 6" /></p> </div> <p>Attention, players!</p> <p>Season 6 of the Red Alert Global League is starting soon, with registrations closing on October 10th. The tournament itself is to be held from October 15th till December 23rd, ending with a Masters Finals to decide the next League champion.</p> <p>New to this season is the streamlining of the tier system, with Masters and Minions divisions set to be potentially increased (up to 16 players per group) and Recruits division removed in favour of a pre-season qualification stage that will be used to rank league newcomers and fill vacant Minions division slots. Also, the main stage is getting packed with action now, as league rounds are double-stacked per week, and each player is to play two best-of-2 matches in his division each week.</p> <p>The major part of the tournament prize pool will again be split between players finishing in top 4 in Masters division and the winner of Minions division, but now every other participant who finishes the season proper is selected for a random draw of 3 minor prizes as well.</p> <p>Check the full rulebook at the forums <a href=";t=20627">here</a>; as always, there is a <a href=";t=20628">dedicated thread</a> for league registrations and confirmations information.</p>,2018-09-23:/news/release-20180923/ Release 20180923 2018-09-23T14:30:00Z 2018-09-23T14:30:00Z <p>With two months of successful playtesting behind us, we are pleased to finally announce <a href="/download/">Release 20180923</a>. The new release brings players up to date with development from January to July 2018, which includes some interesting new features and welcome fixes despite a significant reduction in our development manpower.</p> <p>One of the themes in this release is integration: a new player account system bridges your in-game persona with the <a href="">OpenRA Forum</a>; improvements to the game client and server infrastructure enable a more usable <a href="/games/">online server list</a>, and a new strategy for Linux packaging allows us provide baseline support for more players while reducing our maintenance burden.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20180825-badges.png" width="600" alt="Player badges" /></p> <p>Players can add badges to their profile to show their achievements or preferences.</p> </div> <p>Connecting to your <a href="">OpenRA forum</a> account allows you to verify your identity to other players without revealing your IP address. You can also choose to display up to five badges, with a selection of default options and <a href=";t=20613">custom awards</a> available to choose from. Server hosts can configure private clan or tournament servers based on accounts instead of using passwords.</p> <p>Other improvements to the in-game UI include a new preset- and custom-color tab on the color chooser, the ability to select in text-fields using the mouse, and returning you to the appropriate sub-menu (instead of the main menu) after leaving a game.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20180923-colorpicker.png" width="600" alt="Custom color picker" /></p> <p>The color chooser now allows you to save and restore your favorite colors.</p> </div> <p>The new AppImage package format allows us to provide “upstream” releases that should work on all modern Linux distributions. These self-contained packages do not require installation, and so you can keep multiple versions on your system in order to join servers or watch older replays. AppImages can be integrated into your system (adding launcher shortcuts and version updates) by installing the <a href="">appimaged</a> daemon. If you prefer traditional packaging systems, we encourage you to try out community-supported packages for your distro.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20180923-techtooltips.png" width="600" alt="Tech structure tooltips" /></p> <p>Mouse-over a capturable tech structure for a description of what it provides.</p> </div> <p>Notable gameplay changes in this release include:</p> <ul> <li>Significant improvements to rendering performance and unit responsiveness</li> <li>Descriptive tooltips for tech structures</li> <li>Tech structures and walls remain on the battlefield if their owner is defeated</li> <li>Overhauled Chronoshift-return behaviour in Red Alert</li> <li>Disabled Kill Bounties in the Red Alert campaign and default multiplayer configuration</li> <li>Fixes for several crashes and gameplay bugs in release-20180307</li> <li>A collection of community balance changes in <a href="">Red Alert</a> and <a href="">Tiberian Dawn</a></li> </ul> <p>As always, we suggest you read the <a href="">changelog</a> for more complete information, and head over to the <a href="/download/">download</a> page to get started with the new release!</p> <hr /> <p>The latest <a href="">Mod SDK</a> releases contain major improvements over the 20180307 release:</p> <ul> <li>Support for creating Linux packages (via AppImages)</li> <li>Overhauled tools and documentation for <a href="">updating mods</a></li> <li>Improved error detection and messages for common modding mistakes</li> <li>Support for <a href="">creating mods</a> that extend one of the default OpenRA mods</li> </ul> <p>Our investment in the SDK over the past 18 months is paying dividends with <a href="">impressive community projects</a> now under development. We would like to highlight the recent release of <a href="">Shattered Paradise</a>, which gives players a first look at Tiberian Sun on OpenRA, and the impressive progress of the <a href="">KKnD Remake</a> project.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <iframe width="600" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> <p>The <a href="">KKND project</a> aims to remake KKND 1 and 2 using the OpenRA engine.</p> </div> <p>IceReaper, classic RTS enthusiast and lead developer of the KKnD remake, has also started a <a href="">video series</a> that illustrates from first principles how to reverse-engineer the asset formats from an old game (Earth 2140) and build a stand-alone remake using OpenRA. We recommend following this series as it develops if you have some programming experience and would like to learn more about reverse engineering and creating projects using OpenRA.</p>,2018-08-25:/news/playtest-20180825/ Playtest 20180825 2018-08-25T21:00:00Z 2018-08-25T21:00:00Z <p>We are today releasing a <a href="/download">new OpenRA playtest</a> with fixes for various issues reported in <a href="">playtest-20180729</a>. Thank you to everybody who reported bugs or provided other feedback!</p> <p>Notable changes in playtest-20180825 include:</p> <ul> <li>Improvements and polish fixes for the player accounts system</li> <li>Improved asset detection for community-patched versions of “The Ultimate Collection”</li> <li>Fixed incorrect infantry death screams</li> <li>Fixed crashes related to text input and bots in the lobby</li> <li>Fixed the AI harvester control</li> <li>Fixed units not always returning after being Chronoshifted in RA</li> <li>Fixed crashes in several campaign missions</li> <li>Fixed AppImage compatibility with Linux Mint</li> </ul> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20180825-badges.png" width="600" alt="Updated Badge Selection" /></p> <p>We are now also starting to award special profile badges to players who meet certain criteria.<br />See <a href=";t=20613">this forum thread</a> for more information.</p> </div> <p>This playtest removes a couple of features that were not ready for prime-time, including the threaded renderer performance optimization on Windows. We found that this feature mysteriously interferes with the ability to restore minimized windows from the task bar, but don’t understand why! If you are a programmer with experience in multi-threaded OpenGL and SDL on Windows, please get in touch and help us debug this.</p> <p>See the <a href="">full changelog</a> for all of the changes in this playtest, and head on over to our <a href="">download page</a> to try it out! We hope that this will be the last playtest before the next OpenRA release, so please report any other issues you know of via <a href="">our forum</a>, our <a href="">GitHub issue tracker</a>, or in the comments below.</p>,2018-07-29:/news/playtest-20180729/ Playtest 20180729 and other news 2018-07-29T14:00:00Z 2018-07-29T14:00:00Z <p>Hot off the presses, we are pleased to announce a new OpenRA playtest series. With your help, we hope to find and squash any lurking issues and produce a refined release version in a couple of months time.</p> <p>The leading feature in playtest-20180729 is the integration of player accounts using our new <a href="">OpenRA Forums</a>. This optional feature allows players to:</p> <ul> <li>Confirm their identity to other players without revealing your IP address or location</li> <li>Connect to private clan- or tournament-specific servers without using passwords</li> <li>Add some flair by displaying badges that show their achievements or preferences</li> </ul> <p>Anonymous players continue to be identified by their IP and geo-location.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20180729-profiles.png" width="600" alt="Player Profiles" /></p> <p>Players can add badges to their profile to show their favourite mod, OS, or community achievements.</p> </div> <p>A selection of default badges are available for selection in your forum <a href="">User Control Panel</a>, and we will individually award badges to players who have contributed to OpenRA’s development or participated in special community events. We hope to extend the profile system in the future to add more features and improve security.</p> <p>Other improvements to the lobby UI include an improved color chooser, the ability to select in text-fields using the mouse, and the game returning to the skirmish/mission/multiplayer panels instead of the main menu after leaving a game.</p> <p>Changes on the battlefield in Red Alert include:</p> <ul> <li>Fixed Iron Curtain and Chronoshift effects being lost when a MCV deploys</li> <li>Added the ability for fake structures to be built next to other fake structures</li> <li>Kill Bounties have been removed from the campaign and disabled by default in MP</li> <li>Tech structures and walls remain on the battlefield when their owner is defeated</li> <li>A collection of <a href="">community balance changes</a></li> </ul> <p>Kane has also been busy, with changes in Tiberium Dawn including:</p> <ul> <li>Comprehensive changes to reduce the effectiveness of APCs</li> <li>Changes to streamline the power usage of low-tech structures</li> <li>Reduced the amount of time that Jeep, Bike, Buggy, APC wreckage lingers on the battlefield</li> <li>Tech structures and walls remain on the battlefield when their owner is defeated</li> <li>A collection of other <a href="">community balance changes</a></li> </ul> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20180729-chronovortex.png" alt="Chrono-vortex" /></p> <p>Chronoshifting MCVs opens strategic options, but beware the chrono-vortex if you cause a paradox!</p> </div> <p>Significant work has occurred behind the scenes to fix crashes, improve performance, and extend capabilities for our modding community. <a href="/news/devblog-20180610/">Our recent news post</a> discussed these topics in much more detail. We encourage modders to view the <a href="">SDK release notes</a> and <a href="">update instructions</a> for instructions on how to take advantage of these improvements.</p> <p>This playtest also marks the shift to <a href="">AppImage</a> releases for our Linux builds. We have also repackaged the last release version as an AppImage, and will update this alongside future playtests if any packaging bugs are found.</p> <p>As always, we suggest you read the <a href="">full changelog</a> for details on all of the changes included in the playtest. We make these playtests available to get feedback from the community about the future direction of OpenRA, and we value your feedback on <a href="">our forum</a>, our <a href="">GitHub issue tracker</a>, or in the comments below.</p> <p>Playtest releases do not overwrite the OpenRA release version, and you can automatically switch between the two versions when joining a multiplayer server. Head over to our <a href="/download/">download page</a> and give it a try!</p> <hr /> <p>In other news, we’d like to congratulate the Shattered Paradise mod team on their <a href="">first public release</a>!</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20180729-shatteredparadise.png" alt="Shattered Paradise mod release" /></p> <p>Shattered Paradise pits GDI and Nod against C.A.B.A.L, the forgotten Mutants, and the Scrin invaders.</p> </div> <p>Shattered Paradise is an ambitious mod that transforms OpenRA’s work-in-progress Tiberian Sun mod into a completely new experience – they chose to remove many unfinished and unwanted features, added three new factions, and rebalanced the game with a goal of fluid and fun gameplay.</p> <hr /> <p>Finally, the OpenRA team was <a href="">recently interviewed by Vice Motherboard</a>, along with Twisted Insurrection and Project Perfect Mod as part of their coverage surrounding the upcoming C&amp;C Rivals game.</p> <p>Due to space constraints only a small portion of our remarks could be included; we make our <a href="/news/vice-interview/">full English responses</a> available, which contains a look back at some of the history of OpenRA.</p>