OpenRA - News Feed 2016-09-04T18:00:00Z OpenRA developers,2016-09-04:/news/playtest-20160904/ Playtest 20160904 2016-09-04T18:00:00Z 2016-09-04T18:00:00Z <p>Today we’re happy to finally announce the first release candidate for our next OpenRA release. The new playtest contains over 1200 commits by 38 authors (including 11 first-time committers, thanks to all of you!).</p> <p>We rely on players to thoroughly test the playtest builds to catch any bugs or balance regressions before the final release, so head over to the <a href="/download/">download page</a> to try it out today! If you encounter a bug, or have any feedback, then please create a ticket on our <a href="">Github issue tracker</a>, <a href="">find us on IRC</a>, create a topic <a href="">on our community forum</a>, or leave a message in the comments below.</p> <p>A lot of work in this release has focused on improving our core engine technology and paying down technical debt. The first place you will notice this is the mod chooser, which now understands the various install disks and digitial distributions of the original games. It can now automatically find and install all of the assets used by the mods, including the full motion videos and the additional music tracks included with the expansion disks.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160904-cnc-contentinstall.png" alt="New content installer" /></p> </div> <p>Because we have changed which assets are copied, all players will need to reinstall (or redownload) the assets for this playtest. These will be used for the future playtests and releases, so only needs to be done once.</p> <p>The new FMV installation support has arrived just in time (some would argue far too late!), because this playtest includes 7 more campaign missions for TD and one new campaign mission each for RA and D2K. RA also includes three custom multiplayer missions that can be selected from the mission chooser (for singleplayer) or the multiplayer lobby (for cooperative play).</p> <p>Other notable changes in this release include:</p> <ul> <li>Improvements to unit pathfinding behaviour (less traffic jams around bridges and choke points!)</li> <li>Aircraft in RA will now intelligently manage their reloading behaviour at airfields or helipads</li> <li>New hotkeys and mouse bindings for moving around the map and producing units</li> <li>Lobby options (such as crates and shroud) are no longer reset when switching maps</li> <li>Improved UPnP support for automatically opening ports when hosting local servers</li> <li>Fixes for a collection of common crashes that sneaked in to the last release (we’re sorry about that!)</li> <li>A collection of balance changes for RA and TD that were discussed and tested on our <a href="">community forum</a></li> <li>Many trait and Lua API improvements for mods and maps</li> </ul> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160904-ra-aiengineer.png" alt="AI Engineers" /></p> <p>Watch your back! We have taught the AI to use Engineers to capture tech buildings and enemy structures. <br /> A controversial exploit allowing engineers to cancel production in the RA mod has also been fixed.</p> </div> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160904-d2k-playerscore.png" alt="Player scores" /></p> <p>A new scoring system tracks many ingame actions, not just kills. <br /> The redesigned score menu now also lists the spectators that are observing the match.</p> </div> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160904-cnc-burningtrees.png" alt="Burning trees" /></p> <p>We have restored the ability for flame weapons to burn trees down to charred husks. <br /> Try the playtest today to find all the other cosmetic improvements!</p> </div> <p>Check out <a href="">the full changelog</a> for more details, and head over to the <a href="/download/">download page</a> to try it for yourself!</p> <p>Please note that OpenRA now requires .NET 4.5 / Mono 3.2 or greater. Players using Ubuntu 12.04 or other Linux disributions that include Mono 2.10 can upgrade to a supported version by following the instructions on the <a href="">Mono site</a>. Players who are still on Windows XP will need to upgrade to a supported OS.</p> <div class="about-todo-divider"></div> <p>Work is steadily progressing on our official Tiberian Sun mod and the “gen2” engine overhaul required to support it and other community-developed mods.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160904-ts-teaser.png" alt="TS Promo" /></p> </div> <p>During this last release cycle we completed the first step (a year in the making) of a major project to support the per-pixel depth calculations required to correctly render the TS world. Gameplay advancements include finishing support for the EMP cannon and player-controllable Carryalls.</p> <p>A lot of work remains on both the engine and gameplay fronts. Please understand that this is a long-term project, and it will not be completed any time soon with our current developer manpower. We have plans for making future development versions more accessible for testing, but because the project is developed by volunteers in their free time we cannot predict when it will be complete enough to include in an official OpenRA release.</p> <div class="about-todo-divider"></div>,2016-08-21:/news/ragls2-registrations/ Public registrations for Red Alert Global League Season 2 now open! 2016-08-21T16:00:00Z 2016-08-21T16:00:00Z <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160821-ragls2-banner.png" alt="Red Alert Global League Season 2" /></p> </div> <p>Greetings commanders!</p> <p>After <a href="/news/ragl-season1-conclusion">its very successful first season</a>, Season 2 of the Red Alert Global League is about to kick off on September 5th. Ahead of its official start, the registrations have been opened to the general public. So if you have not yet participated in the league, but wish to do so, now would be the time to act, as registrations will close on August 31st.</p> <p>The league’s rules are laid out in <a href=";t=19750">this forum thread</a>, while information how to get your name registered is found <a href=";t=19734">in this thread</a>.</p> <p>The prize pool this time around is already at over $500, which I personally find quite astonishing. It will be well worth everyone’s time to try and get your share of the cake!</p> <p>We wish all participants the best of luck and a lot of fun!</p> <hr /> <h3 id="openra-development-news">OpenRA development news</h3> <p>While the next release of OpenRA is not quite ready yet, we would like to give you a sneak peek at what we have been up to in the last few months and some of the things that you can expect to see in the hopefully not too distant future.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160821-sneakpeek-ai-capturing.png" alt="AI capturing an oil derrick" /></p> </div> <p>The AI will gain the ability to capture buildings. Additionally, several bugs regarding the AI’s handling of MCVs were fixed, as well as bug that made the AI eventually stop production of infantry units.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160821-sneakpeek-score-screen.png" alt="Changed score screen" /></p> </div> <p>The next release will feature a new scoring system that not only incorporates kills, but also capturing, infiltrations, repairing or healing allied buildings and units, and sending supply trucks. Please note that these scores are purely cosmetic and do not actually have influence on the outcome of matches.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160821-sneakpeek-content-installer.png" alt="New content installer" /></p> </div> <p>The content installation has been completely overhauled and will finally allow users to install game music and campaign briefing videos with a click of a button. In addition to the installation via CD or the download option, it will be possible to transfer assets from existing installations of the Origin versions of the games, or the Gruntsmod variant for Dune 2000.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160821-sneakpeek-nod-campaign.png" alt="New Nod missions" /></p> </div> <p>On the singleplayer front, Tiberian Dawn’s Nod campaign will make a huge jump forward with the addition of six(!) new missions.</p> <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160821-sneakpeek-mp-missions.png" alt="New multiplayer mission" /></p> </div> <p>Long-time players may remember the cooperative multiplayer missions that have been shipped as part of OpenRA up to release-20131223, and which had to be dropped with the removal of the C#-based scripting engine. We are very happy to say that our Lua API is now powerful enough that these missions could be recreated and will be available again, playable in both single- and multiplayer modes!</p>,2016-07-15:/news/ragl-season1-conclusion/ Season 1 of Red Alert: Global League concluded 2016-07-15T16:00:00Z 2016-07-15T16:00:00Z <div style="text-align:center"> <p><img src="/images/news/20160329-ragl-announcement.png" alt="Global chat lobby" /></p> </div> <p>After more than three months, the very successful Season 1 of the Red Alert Global League, hosted by our community member SoScared, is officially over! Here is what he has to say in his own words:</p> <div style="border-radius: 4px; background-color: #272d2c; padding:10px; margin:10px;"> With 184 registered matches played over the course of three months, season 1 of the Red Alert Global League is officially concluded! A big thank you for everyone participating this season, laying the cornerstone for a continuous competetive event and a venue for people to meet and play some good games, both for fun and for prestige. But before we start planning future filled stadiums on par with LoL events, let's have a closer look at how season 1 went for our participating players. <p>The final matches of the Masters' and Minions' Divisions came in late but managed to hold off the end results and a lot of anticipation for the league's top placements.</p> <h3>Masters' Division</h3> <p>In the Masters' Division <em>FiveAces</em> was to match <em>Medium Tank</em> and <em>Klaas</em> to fight for the last four points after <em>Murto The Ray</em> took a twp-point lead when completing all his games for the season. <em>FiveAces</em>' first match-up vs <em>Medium Tank</em> looked to be a league clencher after a quick strong-armed win for <em>FiveAces</em> on <em>Medium Tank</em>'s host map Ore Lord but with a surprise turn of events on <em>FiveAces</em>' host map Singles, <em>Medium Tank</em> managed to take away a point after pulling off both of Ukraine's special traits within minutes of each other, blasting his way through the middle and making his way towards <em>FiveAces'</em> main base.</p> <p>With one point away from the top still, the last match-up vs <em>Klaas</em> proved to be a big toss-up after <em>Klaas</em> delivered a grade-A match on his host map Ore Lord and took a match point, leaving <em>FiveAces</em> with one last match and final shot at winning the League. On map Sidestep, <em>FiveAces</em> final host map, the battle turned out to be a slug fest after both players got their radar dome and tech center (both spawning Soviet) before their first expansion &ndash; normally an unprescedented move on the map but with both players going for the same unorthodox opener the match unraveled into a World War 1 style of death and destruction leaving both sides with huge asset losses. The game flowed back and forth but at one point when it looked like <em>FiveAces</em> was about to be completely contained in his main base, <em>Klaas</em> overcommitted with shock troopers against <em>FiveAces</em>' V2s left and right, leaving <em>Klaas</em> with little assets left to contain <em>FiveAces</em> at his main base. <em>FiveAces</em> eventually reclaimed his original first expansion and started to gain on one of his main strength as an OpenRA player &ndash; durability &ndash; which allowed him to engage in favorable battles against a fatigued <em>Klaas</em>, supported by harassing MiGs, making the match somewhat one-sided the last five minutes. <em>FiveAces</em> claimed victory after pushing with a Heavy Tank-based army, cleaning up <em>Klaas</em>' first and second expansions in one swoop before knocking on the front door of his main base.</p> <p>The League title for <em>FiveAces</em> is claimed after a tie-breaker with <em>Murto The Ray</em>, referring to their earlier match-up in which <em>FiveAces</em> won a 2-0, avoiding an additional best-of-5 tie-breaker to decide the winner.</p> <p>Congratulations to <em>FiveAces</em> for a great performance in the Masters' Division of the first season of the Red Alert Global League, resulting in a champion title, bragging rights and a nice lump sum of $145 as a division winner! <em>Murto The Ray</em> claims 2nd place prize of $55 and <em>Medium Tank</em> 3rd place prize of $25!</p> <h3>Minions' Division</h3> <p>Just like with the Masters' Division the Minions' Division's top spot was decided in the last round. The top three spots in the Minions' Division were contended by <em>Abcdefg30</em>, <em>Kazu</em> and myself (<em>SoScared</em>) throughout the entire season. With a super close race all the way to the end it all came down to a delayed match-up between <em>Abcdefg30</em> and <em>Kazu</em>. After a decisive 2-0 victory for <em>Kazu</em> he managed to claim the first place with a well earned $40 payout, pushing me down to second and <em>Abcdefg30</em> to third place.</p> <p>Congratulations to <em>Kazu</em> for winning the Minions' Division Season 1, taking the competetive scene by storm with rock solid performance, making a name for himself in the community and we look forward to see him play in the next season's Masters' Divsion!</p> <p>Forfeits in the Masters' Divsion opened up for 5 promotional spots in the Minions' for division advancement. The top five Minions' players <em>Kazu</em>, <em>SoScared</em>, <em>Abcdefg30</em>, <em>Hamb</em> (4th) and <em>Testosterone Rex</em> (5th) will have the opportunity to add on to the top division's ultra competetive scene next season.</p> <h3>Recruit Division</h3> <p>As opposed to the divisions above the Recruit Division has been running with a top contender favourite, <em>OzzyOuzu</em>, which at the start of the season declared his intent on finishing at the very top. He delivered on his promise and lost only one match against <em>Flecken</em>, managing to distance himself by four points to the second place, held by player <em>T</em>. Below <em>OzzyOuzu</em> the rest of the field was involved in a tight race for the top spots which ended up having six advancement slots into the next seasons' Minions' Division. Together with <em>OzzyOuzo</em> and <em>T</em>, player <em>Flecken</em> (3rd), <em>Han</em> (4th), <em>GoldenHippo</em> (5th) and <em>DazUltra</em> (6th) will have the opportunity to play in the next season's Minions' Division.</p> <p>Congratulations to <em>OzzyOuzo</em> for delivering on his promise to ace the field and secure his advancement into the Minions' Division and for making himseld a serious contender for future play in the Master's Division!</p> <p>Also kudos to all the players in the Recruit Division for staying the course in a field of absent matches towards the end of the season and a special thanks to player <em>General</em> who despite having less competetive experience compared to the field still completed every match in his division, taking the initiative on his weekly matches and contributing to the health and legitimacy of the Recruit Division's first season.</p> <p><b>Thank you everyone!</b></p> <p>The Red Alert Global League has benefited from a flying start thanks to the interest and involvement of all its participating players. From the viewpoint of the time the idea of a Red Alert league was conceived the experience of season 1 has surpassed all expectations with countless of great games and a considerable prizepool. We can look towards the next season with anticipation but first it will be crucial to review and improve upon the established format.</p> <h3>Looking forward to Season 2</h3> <p>Regardless, the next season of RAGL is aimed to take off on Monday, September 5th. This gives us limited time to advance the format before the next season but is aimed towards establishing Sep-Nov and March-May seasons which would then have stable 3 month in-betweens. Registrations for season 2 will be open between August 15th-31st. Existing players will have August 1st through 31st to confirm their spots in the league.</p> Cheers,<br /> SoScared </div> <p>For the final standings, check out the <a href=";t=19531">league tables thread</a> on our forums. Replays of all league matches are available <a href="">from a dedicated file server</a>.</p> <p>The OpenRA team congratulates all winners and thanks all the participants of this first season. We hope that the next season will be even more successful, so be sure to enlist as soon as registrations open in four weeks!</p>,2016-06-21:/news/doomhammer-tournament-announcement/ Announcing Hecthor Doomhammer&#39;s Red Alert Tournament 2016-06-21T20:00:00Z 2016-06-21T20:00:00Z <div style="text-align:center"> <iframe width="600" height="333" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> </div> <p>Greetings ladies and gentlemen,</p> <p>Our good friend Hecthor Doomhammer welcomes you all to the first ever Hecthor Doomhammer Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament!</p> <p>A Tournament unlike any other where contestants are subjected to a new challenge each round to keep them out of their comfort zone and constantly on their toes.</p> <p>Starting July 2nd at 10:00am GMT/12:00pm CEST a field of 16 challengers will be waging a two-weekend war to decide who will take the honor, glory and the prize money on July 10th.</p> <p>The prize pool currently consists of a whopping €160 and will be scaled according to the number of signups. In the case of only eight to twelve contestants signing up it will be decreased to €100, should there be seven or less to €60.</p> <p>The complete tournament will be hosted and livestreamed from <a href="">Hecthor Doomhammer’s Twitch channel</a>. Joining him will be his fellow casters SoScared and FiveAces as well as well-known community figures Jazz_KCS and Ripsn as tournament officials.</p> <p>To register visit the <a href=";t=19594">Tournament thread on Sleipnir’s Forum</a>. You will also find all about the specific tournament rules in that thread. Registrations will close on June 26th, so hurry hup!</p> <p><a href="">The clock is ticking… </a></p>,2016-05-08:/news/release-20160508/ Release 20160508 2016-05-08T18:00:00Z 2016-05-08T18:00:00Z <p><img src="/images/news/20160508-newspost-banner.png" alt="OpenRA Release 20160508" style="border-radius:10px" /></p> <p>We are proud to announce a new stable release of OpenRA!</p> <p>Development for this release started about six months ago, and in this time 50 developers contributed a total of 1,232 commits that added more than 14,000 lines of code.</p> <p>So what has changed?</p> <p>A lot of work went into fixing minor bugs and omissions to make the game experience more pleasant:</p> <ul> <li>Nod units in the Tiberian Dawn campaign finally use their original silver coloring.</li> <li>Starting a game after installing a map no longer causes the player to be kicked from the server.</li> <li>The lobby color validator will no longer complain as much as it used to.</li> <li>Walls now reliably stop bullets.</li> <li>Husks blocking refineries can now be targeted and destroyed.</li> </ul> <p>We have also added the much-requested feature to restart missions and skirmish games, but this does not yet extend to multi-player games. Furthermore, the minimap radar will now also make use of team colors if those are enabled. Health bars can be set to only appear when the unit is damaged. Finally, the “Fragile Diplomacy” option has been removed.</p> <p>UI-wise, issues with the left-click orders have been fixed. Additionally, it is now possible to zoom using Ctrl/Cmd+Scrollwheel (the spectator view and map editor offer two additional zoom levels). Two new modifier keys allow disabling line-building of walls (hold Shift during placement) and canceling an entire build queue (hold Ctrl when clicking).</p> <p>But besides all of that, the biggest changes have been under the hood of OpenRA. We already addressed these topics in the playtest news posts [<a href="">1</a>] [<a href="">2</a>], and wiki pages covering them have been updated or written from scratch, but to summarize them again:</p> <ol> <li> <p>The dedicated server is now a stand-alone executable, and dedicated servers no longer need to synchronize maps with the resource center. See the <a href="">dedicated server wiki page</a> for details.</p> </li> <li> <p>The map format has been updated, and the way that the game handles map upgrades has been changed. A <a href="">wiki page</a> has been created to describe the current map format.</p> </li> <li> <p>In order to allow for packaging mods into single “.oramod” files, it was necessary to introduce a number of changes to the <code>mod.yaml</code> metadata file. These changes, and the layout of the <code>mod.yaml</code> file in general, are now documented <a href="">on the wiki</a> as well.</p> </li> </ol> <p>If you are interested, the wiki also has the <a href="">full changelog</a> which lists all of the changes included in this release.</p> <p>You can find the installer for your operating system on our <a href="/download/">download page</a>.</p> <p>We hope you will enjoy this latest installment of OpenRA!</p>